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What is a School Physical? 

A school physical is a great opportunity for parents to bring their children in for a complete assessment to make sure your children are on the right track with all their immunizations and vaccinations, aging age-appropriately, and overall staying healthy.


During childhood and teenage years, children experience a remarkable transformation in growth and development. At the beginning of the school year, most schools and sports teams have a check-list that require students to visit their primary physician and undergo an extensive physical exam to be cleared to start a program. 


This is a good time to establish a relationship with your primary physician where your doctor is able to provide wellness guidance and advice to improve wellbeing. This is a great way to maintain a long-term history of your child or teenager with your doctor.


If you haven’t gotten a chance to see your primary physician, make an appointment today and make sure your children are in their best shape!

What is a Sports Physical?

Getting a sports physical is also known as a pre-participation examination that allows the physician to identify any underlining conditions that may interfere or affect your child’s performance during their activity of choice. While we encourage our children to stay physically active, it is equally important to assess their physical conditions to rule out any serious risk of injury.


Physicians help guide young athletes with tips and advice on how to prevents injuries from occurring. Your doctor can provide simple exercises and stretches to do before beginning their activity. Ask your doctor for specific instructions on stretching exercises specific to your child’s sport of interest.


We encourage athletes to obtain a sport physical about 6 weeks prior to beginning any sport to allow time to address any existing conditions or injuries and allow time to improve before participating.

Players in the Field

What is a Camp Physical?

When is comes to having fun, you can never be too safe, especially when it comes to camping. It is very important to prepare in advance and protect your campers as well as camp staff and any other volunteers to avoid common accidents, injuries, and illnesses prone to the outdoors. A camp physical is required by most programs for any attendee qualifying to attend any event as such: day camp, scout camp, overnight camp, or a sports program. 

A camp physical is very similar to what is known as pre-participation physical exam designed to evaluate campers health and physically capabilities to participate in various sports and activities. This physical is not enforced to disqualify your children from participating in the camp activities or sports, but more so to ensure your child is great health and can participate in sports safely. Health professionals will be looking for existing medical conditions or injuries that can otherwise place the participant in a disadvantage point.

This is a great chance to make sure your child is healthy and physically active for their age to participate in extraneous activities and sports. We encourage participants to obtain a camp physical at least 6 weeks prior to their events to allow time to address any issues, if they rise, before the event. This will also allow ample time for any immunizations, if required. 

Schedule an appointment with our primary care physician today!


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Boys During a Sports Practice
Summer Camp Kids
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School, Sports, & Camp Physicals

School Physical
Sports Physical
Camp Physical

Immigration Physicals & Annual Physicals

What is a Immigration Physical? 

In order to complete the US requirements for a green card or US citizenship application, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires all applicants to obtain an immigration physical from a licensed US civil physician authorized by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to conduct immigration physicals for the Department of Homeland Security. THE USCIS requires an immigration physical for citizenship and green card in order to make sure applicants receive all the necessary vaccinations and immunizations. This exam further rules out the potential dangers of carrying in any diseases or conditions into the US that may otherwise prevent you from obtaining citizenship. 


An immigration physical requires applicants to be complete and up-to-date with their vaccinations and immunizations. If you have a record of your vaccinations, please bring this record with you to your visit. If you do not have a record of your vaccinations, don’t worry, the physician can perform a blood test to confirm if you have been immunized. Click the learn more button below to view the complete list of required vaccinations and tests for an immigration physical. 


TFUC is authorized to perform and complete immigration physicals in accordance to USCIS requirements. Just bring your ID and Form I-693 with you to your appointment and TFUC will do its very best to take care of all your needs.


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What is a Annual Physical? 

Life always gets in the way. However, over time we forget the toll that our body takes on a daily basis. It’s always a good idea to take a break and focus on yourself for a moment. We recommend all our patients to make it a definite priority to acknowledge your body’s needs and to come in for annual physical to confirm your body is working efficiently. Having an annual physical does not necessarily mean you have to be sick or have any disease. The purpose of an annual physical is basically to perform a routine physical to typically check the functionality of your vital organs, head, neck, extremities, and skin. 


TFUC highly promotes screening and preventative medicine to keep our patients healthy and age safely. Take out time to focus on you and make sure your body is running as smoothly as it should. Schedule an appointment with our primary care physician for your annual physical today!

Physiotherapy Session
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Immigration Physical
Annual Physical

Well Child Visit & Well Woman Visit

What is a Well-Child Visit? 

Due to the remarkable growth patterns and changes that occur during this transition to adulthood, well-child visits are crucial to track milestones and make sure your child is growing and developing normally. Usually well-child visits start shortly after the child is born and continues on a structured schedule until the age of 18. 


There  are several benefits to taking your child to well child visits growing up some of which include: prevention, tracking growth and development, discussing issues or concerns, and providing a team effort. Having a primary care physician allows the doctor to learn and be aware of your child’s normal and abnormal behaviors. 


Stay on top of your child well-fare and work towards prevention. Schedule your appointment today to get started today!


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What is a Well Woman Visit? 

Well-woman care’s primary focus is preventative care - taking care of your health today and avoid illnesses later. Our goal is to maintain a long-term health and wellness, which is considered separate from any other visits you may have for a related injury or illness. Our doctors recommend women to schedule a yearly preventative check-up. 


Click on the button below to learn more about what to expect in a well-woman visit before making an appointment. We encourage our patients to stay on top of your health needs to avoid development of any illness or diseases in the future. Schedule an appointment with our primary care physician today!

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Well Child Visit
Well Woman Visit

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Straight Talk About Preparing For Back-To-School

As we all prepare ourselves for the fall season and back-to-school sessions approaching, CDC is keeping a close watch on current events and releasing guidelines to help you and your family easily plan, prepare, and respond with the turn of events. 

What’s More Valuable Than a Healthy Choice? Making Lifestyle Medicine Standard Practice

Effective communication is the means by which we understand a conversation. Helping patients endorse a healthy lifestyle is more than a recommendation, but a journey to help make this medical standard. Check out this article by our fellow graduates at Harvard University on the importance of teaching patients about a living with healthy lifestyle behavior.  

Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Shots

We pray and hope that you and your family always stay safe and sound. In order to take precautions, the CDC as advised the community to obtain their seasonal flu shot at their earliest convenience to be as prepared as we can with the most recent turn of events. Read more on the official website.  

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