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Here at Total Family Urgent Care, your health is our mission! We understand that living a healthy lifestyle is more than just an ongoing diet and exercising once in a while. Everyone does that. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires a base of consistent habits that we adopt into our daily routine. Health and nutrition strongly cohabit each other and define the nature of our body metabolism. 


We want to partner up with you and be your personal health coach in your journey to leading a healthy lifestyle. Our health programs are geared for all sorts of health goals and offer supplemental products, meal plans, and fitness routines to help guide you along the way. 

Learn more about our health programs available below. 


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Keeping track of your routine and goals in very important as your embark on your health journey. To make this process as smooth as possible, we designed a planner notebook. Here you can plan your meal schedule, prepare grocery lists, track your progress, and record your process. This will be crucial to understand what is working and what is not being effective. 

Your doctor and health coaches will monitor your progress and adjust your health plan accordingly. Nutrition and fitness is not one size fits all, that is why we work with each patient personally to reach their individual goals.


While maintaining our ​healthy nutrition, it is equally important to boost our metabolism with strength and cardio training. Just as before, we advise our patients to keep a record of their fitness journey as we go along our health program to monitor your fitness progress. This Fitness Planner was designed to plan workouts, log exercise drills, track progress, and record your entire process.  

Based on your progress, your doctor and health coaches will continue to adjust your fitness program to provide the most benefit to your health journey. 

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We always encourage our patients to maximize their health progress by maintaining a sufficient amount of vitamins in our diet. While the meal plans we produce and encourage our patients to keep up with, we understand that often we struggle with including all the necessary vitamins into our diet on a routinely basis. To tackle this shortfall, we have partnered up with a trusted nutritional supplement company, Herbalife Nutrition. 

Herbalife Nutrition is a weight management and nutritional supplements manufacturer who focus on providing a wide range of products designed to target several conditions including digestive health, weight loss, energy and fitness, heart health and general well being, personal care, and immunity. We have personally used the products and feel comfortable in endorsing this company and recommended their products to our patients as a dietary supplement. 

Schedule a free consultation with our doctor and health coach to help get you started on the best health program designed specifically for you. 

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